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Homestyle Bake products are Queensland made. Packed with nutritious, wholesome ingredients from local growers, we proudly bring to your table the finest ingredients Australia has to offer and are dedicated to purchasing local wherever possible.

Passionate about the wellbeing and good health of the consumer we ensure you receive only the purest of ingredients. As a result, our flour comes from wheat grown locally on the Darling Downs. Our beef and meats are sourced from our doorstep in South East Queensland and vegetables are sourced from our region’s famous food bowls.

We are committed to the development of bakery food products that provide healthier food choices and taste good too. Our strategy in what is considered a more specialised area of food production which spans over 30 years. We will continue to further enhance the eating and health quality of all our products.

Through product development we are continually researching and developing new and exciting products to enhance your bakery range.

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“Providing health benefits through food is definitely a key focus that Homestyle will maintain. We will continue to support the growth of these requirements”

Our current healthier range (Kool Skool, Well Being) focuses on nutrition and customer satisfaction, appealing to trends whereby people are wanting to eat healthier and have a personal of family wellness program, thus proving popular with large a percentage of our customers.

The range of products includes breads, bread rolls, pastries such as pies and sausage rolls, Lebanese breads, and sweet food products that are lower in fat, sugars, salt and high in fibre.

These products are an essential part of our core range and comply with Green and Amber categories of the Queensland Government’s Smart Choice Food Guidelines and continue to meet the food choices of many customers. The products also enjoy compliancy to other food and health sectors resulting in a high market appeal.

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Salt Reduction in Homestyle Products

Supporting the endeavours of the Australian Government and its activity towards food innovation, including a voluntary reformulation program across a range of commonly consumed foods, Homestyle Bake has reduced levels of salt in Categories: Bread, Bread rolls and Pies. The primary aim of the reformulation program was to reduce the saturated fat, added sugar, sodium and energy, and increase the fibre, wholegrain, fruit and vegetable content across nominated food categories.

We are focussed on ensuring consumers have the choice of healthy food options and encourage the awareness of the bakery foods we offer.