Homestyle Bake proudly supports our local community and areas in which we operate in South East Queensland. On a regular ongoing basis throughout the year we support non-for-profits including the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation, Toowoomba Hospice and Toowoomba Christmas Wonderland.

We receive lots of great ideas on how we can get involved in various types of events and fundraisers.

To best present your proposal, read the tips below to see if your idea may meet our criteria then fill out and send the sponsorship application below (ensuring you provide as much key information as possible).

Ensure you have allowed for the stated time frame from when you send the application to the event date. This will provide us with the best opportunity to review your proposal and provide a reply.


We accept donation proposals throughout the year and aim to respond within 30 days.

Homestyle Bake proudly provides significant commitment through sponsorship and donations to charitable organisations, schools, and clubs within the communities we operate. We want to deliver valuable benefits to the wider community, therefore our sponsorships must have a community focus. We place emphasis upon requests from organisations to which we supply.

Requests are welcomed. We look forward to hearing from you.

Who is eligible?

  • Projects or events that take place in the communities in which we operate
  • Charitable organisations that provide direct community service, specifically relating to the health and wellbeing of our communities
  • Projects that give back to the community in a measurable and meaningful way

We won’t fund:

  • Events and requests with a religious, political or sectarian purpose
  • Personal plights without evidence of community meaning

Sponsorship Application Form

    Organisation Details

    Event Details