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  1. Wholesale & Retail


At Homestyle Bake we produce and supply a wide range of baked foods including bread, speciality bread, flat breads, bread rolls, pastries, cakes, slices and donuts with our distribution network throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales. On a daily basis a network of vendors, bulk contractors, company delivery personnel and transport companies deliver these goods.

Homestyle Bake defines Wholesale as the Institutional (Hospitals, Schools/School Canteens and Universities etc) and Reseller (takeaways, restaurants etc.) Trade.

Our FRESH DAILY distribution network services the following areas daily:

  • Toowoomba and the Darling Downs
  • The Lockyer Valley
  • Ipswich
  • Brisbane
  • The Sunshine Coast
  • The Gold Coast
  • Gympie
  • Tweed Heads


Retail – Market Ready Products

We consider retail supply as the provision of retail oriented food products suited to consumers within the retail food sector. Homestyle offers a wide range of products tailored to the retail market while meeting the stringent requirements of this group. Our products cover every meal occasion, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Look to us for top shelf performance in reliability, quality and affordability.

We pride ourselves upon providing excellence in service, knowledge and flexibility. Our aim is to provide a complete and positive customer experience ensuring your requirements at met with ease and professionalism. Our ingredients and manufacturing processes support a greater freshness and more flavoursome products guaranteed to please your customers and certain to support sales growth.

Our expertise in product development supports specialist manufacturing; our manufacturing capacity enables high volume production across all Homestyle Bake product categories. Our unique delivery infrastructure provides a wide distribution area for both our fresh daily and frozen range of products.

Please refer to “Pastry Supply – Fresh & Frozen” for more information regarding FROZEN supply.

Getting Started

To commence supply from Homestyle Bakeries the first step is to contact us either through our Head Office (07 4687 5000) or via the Contact Us page on this website. Once an agreement to supply has been reached, customers are required to submit a credit application for approval. You will then be advised in writing of your account code, trading terms and any other issues relevant to your account. Contact Us.


Online Order Portal

Orders must be received by Homestyle Bake by 2.00pm the working day prior to delivery. Online Ordering facility being the most convenient method to place your orders is available to Customers. Upon setting up your Account with Homestyle Bake you will be issued with your personal login details. We provide secure pathways, allowing you to confidently manage your order requirements with us.

Basic Order

A Basic Order is a standing order of products and quantities you require on a regular basis. Once established with the assistance of our helpful team, Basic Orders are automatically delivered to you without you having to visit our Online Portal, phone or email your order each time you require product. No contact with Homestyle and your order is delivered as per your pre-set Basic Order.

There are three ways you can manage your Basic Order for it to better suit your needs. Contact our Office by emailing [email protected], or telephone before 2.00pm on the working day prior to delivery to change your order. If required, seasonal changes can be made to the Basic Order items and quantities.

Orders can be placed up to one week in advance of your desired delivery. Please ensure you cancel your basic order when it is not required.

Daily Orders

If a Basic Order does not suit your needs, and you wish to place your orders each day, our Online Order Portal provides a convenient and easy way to manage this. Otherwise simply email [email protected] or phone us on 07 4687 5000 by 2.00pm the working day prior to your required delivery date.