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Wholesale & Retail

Our Product Catalogues show a brief overview of Homestyle Bake’s product range, which includes over 500 bakery products for retail and wholesale customers. Each day we delivery to wholesale and retail customers all over Queensland and northern New South Wales.

We proudly bake fresh and deliver daily. 

A fantastic team of Area Managers are on the ground everyday ready to answer any questions you may have, step you through our easy online ordering process and provide assistance when needed. For more information about any of the product catalogues you see below do not hesitate to contact us today.

  • Convenient- Order anytime, anywhere.
  • Efficient- No order que & easy to use.
  • Order History- Order favourites & easy re-orders.
  • Access- View product pictures & prices.

To use our Online Order Portal you must be a current Customer and have received your login details. For more information please email [email protected] or phone 4687500.

Australia Day Featured Products

White Bread One Inch Thick Slice

White Bread One Inch Thick Slice

Snack Choc Lamingtons Pack 6

Snack Choc Lamingtons Pack 6

Pre Cut English Muffins Pack 6

Pre Cut English Muffins Pack 6

Iced Finger Rolls Pack 6

Iced Finger Rolls Pack 6

Full Cut Brioche Style Burger Buns

Full Cut Brioche Style Burger Buns Pack 6

Australia Day Round Donut

Australia Day Round Donut

Cakes & Slices

Homestyle Bake understands the need for specialty serve sizes and perfect portions. Our range of cakes and slices are handmade and baked fresh to order. We offer a large selection of flavours that can be cut to meet your selected portion sizes and hygienically overwrapped single serves. Delivered to you in sturdy food safe cartons that store easily. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Grab & Go

All product from our ‘GRAB & GO’ Product Catalogue are baked fresh and OVER WRAPPED for your convenience. Our Grab & Go Product Catalogue is an overview of products we offer individually wrapped. Contact your area manager for more information or email [email protected] 

Catering Companions

We bake a wide variety of foods to meet your catering requirements. Our Catering Companions Product Catalogue will show a brief overview of this range and any questions should be directed to your Area Manger or email: [email protected]

Health Facilities

Our Health, Care & Rehabilitation Facilities Product Catalogue has been specifically designed with the specialised food requirements of Health, Care and Rehabilitation Facilities in mind. If you have any further questions please contact your Area Manger or email: [email protected]

Well Being

Now, more than ever people are looking for healthier food alternatives. In response, our range of Well Being breads further supports Homestyle’s health and wellness initiatives. Explore out Well Being Product Catalogue and get in touch if you have any questions. 

Classic Sliced Bread

Happiness is freshly baked bread. Explore our Product Catalogue of Classic Sliced Bread and get in touch if you require more information on how we can support your needs. Please contact your Area Manager or email: [email protected]

Picnic & Dinner Bread Rolls

Meeting the needs of food service, our Picnic & Dinner Bread Rolls Product Catalogue provides an overview of our range of Picnic & Dinner Rolls all of which can be individually wrapped, customised and branded. Talk to your local Area Manager to find out more information or email: [email protected]

Focaccia Rolls

Perfect for all menus- Slice and fill, serve fresh or toasted, add to your burgers or serve simply on their own. Talk to your Area Manager to find out more information or email: [email protected]

Artisan & Specialty Breads

Homestyle Bake’s Artisan & Specialty Breads have been baked with care, expertise and quality ingredients. For more information on this Product Catalogue please contact your Area Manager or email: [email protected]


Seriously Good Sweets

Grab & Go

Homestyle Bake Full Product Range Overview

 With over 500 bakery products on offer we are sure to have something to suit your needs. This product catalogue will give you a brief overview of what we offer. Please get in contact with your Area Manger or email: [email protected] to find out more.

  • Product Range Overview
  • 100% Queensland Made & Owned
  • Over 500 Bakery Products
Homestyle Bake Product Catalogue Cover

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