Wholesale & Retail Supply

Our commitment lies in crafting each of our products with a touch of expertise and care.

Backed by a devoted customer service team, we collaborate closely with our customers to help you find the perfect products that suit both you and your clientele.

At the core of our values is not only the delivery of exceptional products but also a focus on providing convenient and unparalleled customer service.

Health Facilities

We understand good nutrition is key in ones overall wellbeing.

Explore our Health Facility Product Catalogue which uses ‘A Better Choice’ traffic light system so you can easily interpret our selection of baked goods.

School Supply

We share you care and passion for fueling students for success, providing a range of products which deliver a perfect balance of taste and nutrition.

With a focus on promoting healthy eating habits and catering to diverse palates, our school bakery food supply aims to cater to all your requirements.

100% Queensland,

family owned and operated.

Extended shelf life,

thanks to our prompt delivery!

Daily deliveries,

to South East Queensland.

Area Sales Manager Team,

for continued support.

Let’s Partner Together!

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