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  1. About Us
  2. Our Culture

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading and most innovative food company providing an emphasis on quality bakery products and customer service, whilst remaining a family owned entity. We care about people and what we bake. That’s why we constantly strive toward providing a safe workplace and secure employment whilst encouraging our people to increase their knowledge and skills; and source Australian ingredients where ever possible. A 100% Queensland and family owned company, we support our communities by providing sponsorship and contributions to meaningful organisations.

Our Purpose
To be the best at what we do……..Listen; Create; Bake for you.

Our Values

  • We are passionate about baking for the wellbeing and good health of all people
  • We are dedicated to purchasing “local” wherever possible…..using real ingredients from Australian Growers.
  • We care about who we supply and who supplies us; always striving to provide superior customer service and foster valued relations with business partners
  • We believe that being open minded and determined brings the ultimate in food innovation
  • We look after people – we serve as an active community member; employees are considered “valued assets”
  • We provide opportunities, encourage our people to develop talents, build confident & skilled individuals believing that a diverse team of well-trained people inspires a highly engaged workforce
  • We grow our business sustainably and profitably to drive success and ensure we can invest back into our community
  • We value our environment and continually improve our understanding of how to live in a sustainable manner and prosper

Our values underpin the way we operate on a day to day basis and guide our aspirations to create the company we want to be. Homestyle Bake is where you find wonderful people giving many dedicated years, proudly making great bakery products for all to enjoy.