“Homestyle Bake proactively attributes to the wellness and sustainability of the environment and actively supports and further invests in the community, striving towards making a difference and leaving a positive footprint.”
We will continue to improve our understanding of how to live a sustainable manner and prosper.

At Homestyle we continually work toward being an environmentally responsible business. Homestyle is committed to reduce our impact upon the environment and has implemented many practical processes. We possess a great level of allegiance to employment and training whilst being involved in many initiatives in this area. Proudly the company can boast a number of Awards due to its’ efforts towards both the Environment and Employment sector.


As a member of Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) we share a common agenda – a commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our packaging.

We believe sustainability involves taking a holistic approach towards the interaction between economic, social and environmental factors, as a basis for long-term business success.

We have a sustainability framework incorporated into our business culture defining our work practices and reinforcing our commitment as an environmentally responsible community member.

Our framework states that we will:

  • Take a proactive approach in minimising our carbon footprint, significantly limiting our impact upon the environment. The initiatives follow the environment management concept of REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE.
  • Create and develop a culture whereby management and staff work to sustainable practices in their everyday activities. Such practices improve our awareness not only how we behave in the workplace but has encouraged us to look at our own personal practices.
  • Continually pursue economic stability so to earn sufficient profits for the re-investment in, and the growth of the business.
  • Support our company objective which is to provide safe conditions and secure employment for staff and encourage them to increase their knowledge of, and ability within the business through training and support. Our people are our most valuable asset and our investment into the future. We are proud to be known as an “Employer of Choice”.
  • To serve as an active community member by supporting the community through sponsorship and contributions to worthwhile organisations and clubs.
  • Continue to operate in an ethical environment with transparency and consistency in our actions towards customers and other stakeholders. An Equal Opportunity Employer, we promote a co-operative workforce that values differences and is free from discrimination.
  • Provide excellence in service, quality and innovation in bakery product and health oriented foods.


At Homestyle, we recognise the baking industry contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, and are committed to proactively reduce impact upon the environment.

Focusing on the environment is part of our culture and affects the decisions we make every day. We undertake our activities in an environmentally responsible manner and effectively manage any risks that may lead to an impact on the environment. Continuous improvement is important to our approach and practices as we further understand how to live a sustainable manner.

Our responsibility to the environment is to minimise resource consumption throughout our operation.
The key points of our environmental management system are:

  • Measure the impact on the environment and set objectives and targets for ongoing improvement.
  • Meet or exceed all relevant environmental legislation and codes of practice affecting our business and be prepared to meet impending legislative requirements wherever practicable.
  • Provide training programmes for our people to raise awareness of environmental issues and enlist their support in the continual improvement of our processes.
  • Annual review of the environmental management system, including recommendations.

We encourage the adoption of similar principles from our suppliers.