Caring For You

“Our commitment to reduce the level of salt in our products further supports our philosophy towards supplying quality, and “healthier” products.
Providing health benefits through food is definitely a key focus that Homestyle will maintain and continue to support the growth of such requirements.”

That’s why we offer our healthier eating “Kool Skool” range especially designed for children, offering food selections that are lower in fat, sugar and salt yet higher in fibre. Our Well- Being Breads offer key health benefits through fibre and nutrient enrichment.

We actively seek and value feedback from people who use and consume our products. We listen to all comments and constantly review our practices to provide excellence in the supply of quality products and service.

We share community concerns about the environment and strive to identify and minimise the potential impacts on communities by sourcing our ingredients locally where possible and from producers who support our beliefs.

Actively contributing to your Neighbourhood

One of the ways we do this is by assisting health care organisations, groups and charities that can make a difference to people in the community and which are important to our customers.

Through our association with schools we support and donate product to Breakfast programs …………as every child deserves a healthy start to the day.

Genetically modified ingredients are not used in our bakery products

Homestyle Bake’s policy is to avoid genetically modified ingredients and we do not use genetically modified ingredients in any of our bakery product. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure we meet our commitment. May 2015

Sustainable Palm Oil

We support the production of sustainable palm oil and are committed to sourcing certified sustainable palm oil. Whilst our usage in minimal we are working towards the removal of this ingredient and finding a suitable alternative. May 2015


Whilst Homestyle Bake has experienced continuous growth, our waste to landfill has dramatically reduced and we will continue to explore options to decrease our environmental impact. We support the Australian Packaging Covenant and its purpose to a national recycling target of 65 per cent for packaging and no further increases in packaging waste to landfill. The following strategies have contributed to our reduction:

  • Plastic bags wasted during the production process are returned for recycling.
  • Plastic bags and bread products returned from retail outlets are recycled and at a cost to Homestyle.
  • All cardboard and paper bags and paper used in Administration are recycled.
  • Homestyle Bake “takes back” and recycles cardboard and paper packaging used during delivery