Fundraising Media Kit


  • Be sure to tell your audience WHY you are raising money.

    Your audience will be more likely to support when they know where their money will be used. If you haven’t got an exact cause, your WHY may look a little like this.

    “Money raised will ensure that we can provide our school community with the likes of educational resources, classroom materials and sporting opportunities throughout the year”.

  • Encourage your audience to spread the word.

    If people are unable to financially support your fundraiser they can help by spreading the word. This could be verbally or you can encourage them to hit the share button on your social media post.

  • Set and share your monetary goal.

    By setting a monetary goal you can workout exactly how many products you need to sell to reach your goal. You will also be able to share your progress keeping momentum throughout the duration of your fundraiser.


  • Words move people to feel compassion, sympathy, and concern, which often leads to a donation.
  • Good fundraising stories are full of emotion and draw people in.
  • Scheduling posts on social media can help make sure your are posting at a time when it will get the most views.


Below is how we recommend promoting your fundraiser with ideas for captions. Each post has enough room for your logo. Save the image to your computer or phone, fill out your unique details if required such as for post 2 ( see how to video) and use the caption we have suggested or come up with your own.


Lead up to your bake sale. Let people know why you are raising money


Goal post & how to order. Let people know your goal $$$ and how they can order.


Order from this menu. CaptionIt is a win win for everyone when you support our bake sale. You get great locally produced product made from local produce all the while helping us raise necessary funds for ……(your why)…….”

Post the images of the fundraising menu you would have received in an email. This will ensure you are posting the menu showing the correct product price as per your chosen profit margin.


Bake sale now on. Share an image which highlights a product from your chosen fundraising menu.


Progress post. Caption idea “So far we have reached $….. which is incredible. To reach our goal of $……. we need to sell ……. products! You can help by ordering products and sharing our fundraiser with your family and friends.”


Count down. Caption idea ” There is only 3 days left to order from our bake sale! Help us reach our goal by ordering some sweet and savoury products”. 


Count down. Caption idea ” We are in the final days of our fundraiser! If you would like to support this is how you can order..(add in order details).. Every bit counts! “. 


Count down. Caption idea ” 1 more day to go! We appricate everyone who has been able to support our fundraiser. If you are still looking to purchase products now is your chance. “. 


If you want to get creative and come up with your own posts feel free to save any of the images below which match with the product on your chosen fundraising menu.


The below video will show you how you can save recommended posts and fill out your unique details such a goal $$$, fundraising code and important dates using Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories.

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