Something tells us you’re eager to start raising money for a worthy cause! We’re here to help. So Let’s get started.

At the heart of contactless fundraising with homestyle bake is exceptional bakery products and a dedicated fundraising team. The combination of these elements is how we help schools, canteens and organisations reach their fundraising goals throughout the year. Fundraising in 2022 will be even easier with our new Fundraising Media Kit and the ability for your supporters to order and pay using our online ordering system. Fundraise all year round with our contactless fundraising option and customisable menu options.

The perks of Fundraising with Homestyle Bake:

  • No Up-front Costs | Order what you sell.
  • Cash Bonuses | Enjoy extra funds raised

  • Cyber-safe Online Fundraising | For peace of mind

  • We are a Quality Endorsed Company | Meeting the high standards required in our industry

  • High Standards | Your guarantee to receiving ‘quality’ & ‘safe’ bakery goods
  • Contactless Fundraising | Supporters can order using our online ordering portal

  • No Extensive Planning Required | Use our fundraising media kit to promote your fundraiser

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    Pick your profit per product.

    Fundraise All Year Round:

    Each year we offer Fundraising Menus that are available all year long including Taste Sensations 2022, Lamington & Muffin Drive and Easter. Throughout the year we also offer exciting seasonal Fundraising Menus for both Easter and Christmas.

    Stay up to date with the latest fundraising news by connecting with us on Instagram or Facebook.


    The Menu's

    Taste Sensations
    Muffin & Lamo

    Fundraising with Homestyle Bake:

    Our fundraising team is here to help you reach your fundraising goal with a fast, easy and stress free process.

    Simply pick your preferred fundraising menu or combine your favourites. Decide how much profit you would like to raise per product sold. Phone our knowledgeable fundraising team to book your drive. Promote your fundraiser using promotional material supplied by our team and finally place your fundraising order and await delivery.

    Online ordering has been a go too for many fundraising coordinators since its introduction. Your members place their orders/payments directly with Homestyle Bake, we pay you the profit and do the packing for you, so all orders are ready to be handed out.

    Step One when fundraising with Homestyle Bake is to book.
    Book online or give our experienced fundraising team a call on (07) 4687 5000. We can help you choose a suitable menu and time to run your fundraiser.
    Promoting your contactless fundraiser
    For your fundraiser to be successful, strong promotion is essential. To make things simple we have a Fundraising Media Kit available to keep things simple.
    Supporters can use our online ordering system to order product.
    Online ordering and/or printable order forms are available. Online ordering is a customer and co-ordinator favourite.
    Once your orders close product is then delivered to your chosen addess
    Your supporters orders will be delivered on your chosen delivery date ready for all to enjoy!

    Contact our knowledgeable fundraising team to find out more.

    and thank you for supporting local!
    Request Fundraising Information Pack

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