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A tasty Bread and Bread roll range that provides specific health benefits through added fibre and nutrient additives.

Homestyle Bake products are nutritious and satisfying…. Grains and cereals are not only one of the five basic food groups they are an important part of a healthy balanced diet. It is no surprise that bakery products can be as good for you as they taste.

Homestyle recognises this and also takes into account that today’s consumers demand in addition to taste a variety of benefits. With the wide range offered by Homestyle you will find a product to meet your requirements.

Now, more than ever people are looking for healthier food alternatives. In response, our range of Well Being breads further supports Homestyle’s health and wellness initiatives. This range consists of four distinct sliced bread products with key health benefits through fibre and nutrient enrichment by using additives such as wholegrain, chia and rye. Homestyle Bake’s commitment to reduce salt in bread and bread rolls further supports our ethical approach towards supplying quality and healthier products.