Pies and Pastries


Homestyle Bake boasts a reputation of supplying quality and great tasting beef pies and sausage rolls. The range is enhanced with our "Supa" 220 gram pies, Cheese & Spinach Rolls, Quiche and Pasties. We provide a variety of flavoured pies including Chunky Beef Cheese and Bacon, Potato topped Beef and Cheese & Bacon topped Potato Beef. Our healthier choice pies and sausage roll selection specially developed to meet lower fat, sugar and salt requirements are both delicious and popular.

Great Tasting Beef Pie
Cheese and Bacon topped Potato Pie
Beef Sausage Roll
Cheese and Spinch Roll

Salt Reduction in Homestyle Products

Homestyle Bake supports the endeavours of the Australian Government and its activity towards food innovation, including a voluntary reformulation program across a range of commonly consumed foods. The reformulation program aims to reduce the saturated fat, added sugar, sodium and energy, and increase the fibre, wholegrain, fruit and vegetable content across nominated food categories

Homestyle Bake has met the specifications for the Bread and Pie Categories.