Helpful Handy Hints for your Fundraiser


  • Allow Order Forms to be in circulation for approximately 2 weeks. Have orders returned to you 2 days prior to Homestyle Bake’s order date.
  • Place promotional posters in high profile positions where potential customers can view eg main office entrance, notice board, tuckshop, office tearoom and school gate.
  • Advertise your Drive in your Newsletter. Please note we offer a fantastic Drive Notifier to get your message to your customer.
  • Consider all avenues of COMMUNICATION for your customers and the best ones to utilise to send your messages. Perhaps choose a couple of methods to ensure your members will receive the information. Here are some ideas: email lists (email your messages to your Organisation’s email addresses), facebook, newsletters, flyers, and bulletin/notice boards.
  • PROMOTE the fact that Homestyle Bake is a 100% family owned, Queensland business.Our products are packed with nutritious real ingredients from Australian growers. Quality Meals and Treats. Ideal for snacks and meals. Easy to Store N’ Serve. Freezable. Convenient for all working families. Products are competitively priced and by purchasing our products from your Drive they will be supporting your Organisation.
  • Inform members of the specific reason why your Organisation is setting out to raise money eg to purchase shade areas for the School, purchase equipment. People like to know what your Goals are and will most likely offer greater support. Do this via your chosen communication avenues.
  • Provide “Hints” for the members on who to give the order Forms to e.g. family, Grandparent’s social group, Parent’s and friends’ workplace, child’s social place, other interest groups that people may have.
  • If you would like assistance in creating a Flyer for your Members, please ask our friendly Fundraising personnel. We are happy to assist!
  • ENTHUSIASM is contagious!! Be enthusiastic about your fundraiser when presenting your ideas (verbally or written). You will get other people excited and wanting to see your $$$ Goal met!
  • Mention the fundraiser to as many people as possible (in the lead-up and during the fundraiser and ask for your Committee to do the same). Never think that someone won’t be interested – Let them make up their own minds!
  • Distribute as many forms as possible
  • Offer Incentive Prizes as rewards for the “Best Seller”- (place information in your Newsletter). You could consider promoting a friendly competition between members, or school grades.
  • Conduct and concentrate on one fundraiser at a time
  • Use our delicious FREE Sample Pack (available upon request) to show the products to some of your members (applicable to where delivery can be made by Homestyle Bake delivery personnel).
  • Consider choosing people who you know will spread the word about how great the products taste and encourage people to participate.
  • Distribute a “Reminder” to your members via your chosen communication avenues to submit Order Forms and Money

Packing Tips for your Fundraiser

(The following instructions refer to deliveries made ONLY by Homestyle Bake Drivers)

  1. Ensure you have your INVOICE AND BANKING TRANSACTION RECEIPT ready to show the driver when they check off your delivery.
  2. Allow yourself and volunteers a clear working space or tables where our driver can arrange the products in an organised manner, so that you can pack the order with ease.
  3. It is important to allow your Homestyle Bake driver to arrange and count your ENTIRE order prior to opening boxes or distributing (by doing so you will be confident that all of your products have been delivered).
  4. The driver will set everything out in the same order as the customer order form (this makes packing much easier).
  5. Have the names of the products written on A4 paper in large felt pen and place on the wall above the appropriate pile of boxes (this saves trying to read small writing on boxes).
  6. Work with only 3 – 4 helpers (too many helpers causes confusion)
    1. One person to call the order
    2. One person to pack the order
    3. Two people to recheck the order – Label it with the order form and remove from packing area and supervise the collection of orders.
    (As a guide, we suggest an order $1,000/$1,500 (cost value) would take approx 1 hour to pack using this system.

While you and your helpers are waiting for the orders to be collected enjoy the delicious complimentary morning/afternoon tea pack that Homestyle Bake has supplied for your enjoyment (applicable to drives over $500).

After your drive is complete, distribute a “thank you” note thanking all involved for their effort. A little bit of gratitude goes a long way.

Give yourselves a big pat on the back for a job well done!!