What is Fundraising?

Fundraising using Homestyle products provides the opportunity for your organisation to raise funds easily and simply.

  • Your organisation selects a co-ordinator (the main contact between yourselves and Homestyle), arranges your sellers (the members of your organisation) who use the Customer Orders Forms to sell product and return the forms together with the money to you by a designated date.
  • Homestyle sets your cost price and the products are sold at your desired profit. We recommend adding $1.50 on products and our free colour customer order forms reflect these prices and are available for your use. Your organisation is then on the way to making money!
  • Homestyle delivers one complete order to one designated delivery spot and your Fundraising Team sort the orders, whilst enjoying the morning tea packs we provide FREE OF CHARGE. (applicable to orders over $500)
  • One payment is made to Homestyle for the total cost of the products purchased and the remainder of the money is the profit you’ve raised. No need to wait for a cheque from us – you have instant access to your profit!

Fundraise the Homestyle way
Receive Big Profits! Easy & Fun to Run! Affordable Prices! Delicious Meals & Treats for Everyone!