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    Fundraising with Homestyle Bake

    Fundraising is for any organisation that on-sells Homestyle Bake fundraising products for a profit. That is, to raise money for specific causes such as charities, play equipment for your school or childcare centre, sporting organisations and so on.

    Fundraising products are restricted to the menus as displayed on the Fundraising – Menus & Order Forms page. This differs to our wholesale trade where the product is resold or re-used for business purposes.

    Fundraising organisations are typically:

    • Schools
    • Child Care Centres
    • Kindergartens
    • Scouts
    • Clubs etc.

    However, if you aren’t mentioned here, don’t worry. Contact our fundraising specialist team and we can help you with all the information you need.

    We offer a fantastic range of fundraising products and menus from which you can choose. Visit our Fundraising page for more detailed information. So whatever your Fundraising needs, we have the menu for you – Successful Fundraising is in your hands.