Breads, Bread Rolls & Specialty Bread



A full and extensive range of Breads are offered; supporting your catering requirements. Choose from 700 grams, 850 grams sliced loaves, Toast varieties, Fruit breads, specialty and Sourdoughs as well as our nutrient enriched Well Being range.

Open Top Grain Bread Loaf
Cafe White Toast Bread Loaf
700 gram White Sliced Bread Loaf
Fruit Bread Loaf


Bread Rolls and Specialty Varieties

You are guaranteed to find a bread roll to suit your needs. Soft, crusty, artisan, square, round, knots, hot dog rolls, dinner rolls and lunch rolls are just some of the bread rolls available. Many varieties are offered as cut, uncut, seeded or unseeded. Crumpets, Pikelets, English Muffins, Panini, Focaccias and savoury rolls provide versatile and tasty additions to any menu including special occasion food planning. A selection of rolls within this range are available overwrapped for convenience.

BBQ Bread Rolls
Bread Rollss
Burger Bread Rolls


Turkish Breads, Flat Breads and Pizza Bases

Our range of flat breads is designed to give further flexibility to creating filled bread or roll alternatives therefore enhancing any menu. Traditional Lebanese breads and Pita breads (packaged in our Byblos brand) along with Wraps, Lavash and Tortillas provide excellent and great tasting choices. Pizza bases are available in a variety of dimensions offering round and slab options. Turkish breads provide another delicious aspect to the conventional sandwich. Fresh or toasted, this range provides true crowd pleasers.

Flat Bread
Lavish Bread


Salt Reduction in Homestyle Products

Homestyle Bake supports the endeavours of the Australian Government and its activity towards food innovation, including a voluntary reformulation program across a range of commonly consumed foods. The reformulation program aims to reduce the saturated fat, added sugar, sodium and energy, and increase the fibre, wholegrain, fruit and vegetable content across nominated food categories

Homestyle Bake has met the specifications for the Bread and Pie Categories.