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Welcome to Homestyle!

Come and explore our large range of mouth watering bakery products. You will love our delicious range of freshly baked breads, flat breads, bread rolls, pastries, biscuits, cakes and slices! Baked fresh local ingredients at its very best!

Homestyle Bakeries are 100% Australian owned and operated, supplying Wholesale bakery products to all market segments in South East Queensland and Fundraising drives throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales.
Homestyle Bakeries Pty Ltd is a quality assured, HACCP approved, family owned company, trading since 1989.

“ Homestyle Bake products are full of natural country goodness – choose Homestyle Bake for goodness sake”

At Homestyle Bake we pride ourselves on delivering deliciously fresh superior baked goods, using the best in local ingredients for our valued Customers to enjoy. We support healthy and nutritious food choices by way of our association with leading health organisations and product development.

Through commitment, flexibility and effective communication processes, we aim to achieve customer satisfaction whilst providing competitive prices.  We provide extensive Customer Service via internal resources, comprehensive infrastructure and experienced employees ensuring that Customers’ supply requirements are met.


Well-Being Bread Collection

Delivered Fresh daily to your Local Food Store. Ask for Homestyle’s Well-Being bread today

Well Being

Through a focus on nutrition, quality and enjoyment, Homestyle Bake proudly promotes and pursues one of its key philosophies, “to contribute to the health and well being of the consumer”. At Homestyle, we are acutely aware of the important role that good nutrition plays in a person’s physical and intellectual sustainability. We are also conscious that the marketplace looks for food that is not only good for them, but tastes great too”.

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What's NEW to Homestyle?

Artisan Bread Range – Crusty, Tasty, Perfect for any Meal Occasion

Homestyle Bake, your one-stop-shop is now supplying fresh to your door a fantastic range of Artisan products which have been baked in a stone oven, using traditional sour dough techniques only found in authentic artisan recipes.

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New Brands – Delicious, Traditional, Home Style, Sliced Bread

Helga’s               Might Soft               Lawson’s 

Homestyle Bake is now distributing these recognised brands to compliment your Menu. Offering traditional appeal, with or without wholegrains, it is guaranteed you will find a suitable choice for your catering needs from this range. 

Order Placement - These products require two working days notice prior to your chosen delivery day.

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